Educators build professional capital when they explore ideas and reflect on their practice. Furthermore, dialogue and knowledge sharing among educators enhances professional development and learning. These relate to some of the core values we hold at The Willows Nursery School, and are why we have partnered with EngagED Early Education to present a professional development seminar that will support early childhood educators’ path toward authentic professional colloquy and connections. The seminar will be offered twice—August 14th and August 26th of this year— and each session is limited to approximately 20 participants. Registration for both sessions is already full!

seminar_aug15_feature Children deserve access to thoughtfully designed learning environments and the seminar topic is…

Learning Environments: Creating physical spaces and choosing materials that support your intentions for play and inquiry

This professional development opportunity will provide a context for educators from different schools to explore and discuss important aspects of pursuing that goal. By design, the seminar will bolster deep thought about learning environments and to help educators to plan a fresh and intentional learning environment.

The event will take place at The Willows Nursery School (1149 Minnesota Ave, San Jose, CA 95125). For more information contact