“Play is the highest expression of human development in childhood.”

– Friedrich Froebel

Through play, children become deeply involved with ideas, and it is play that affords them a comfortable way to do so. When children play, they build profound relationships with the material, the space, the people, the process and the language related to their play.
These connections underpin authentic manifestations of what children care about, think about, and want to know more about. Their own understandings, coupled with their own interests, passions and desires, become the basis for how we, educators, might extend the possibilities discovered through play. We keenly watch children’s play so that we are equipped to support their interests, to help them formulate questions and pursue inquiry as a lifelong tool for deeper learning.

“The key is curiosity, and it is curiosity, not answers, that we model.”

– Vivian Paley

Educators at The Willows Nursery School encourage children to freely explore both the indoor and outdoor classroom environment, materials, and curriculum activities; to test ideas, share
knowledge with others and discover creative ways of expression.