A Typical Day

Our Flow of the Day

Times listed correspond to our AM and PM classes

Open Exploration (8:30AM/1:00 PM)

Children have 2 hours of uninterrupted time to engage the class environment, people, materials, and projects according to their individual developmental needs and personal interests. Herein lies the gift of time, which is key to our educational approach. Teachers support the children’s engagement, look for ways to extend the children’s play, and document the learning process.

Focus Group (10:25/2:40)

This is a short meeting where children have a chance to share and make their thinking and work visible to their class community. During this time, teachers aim to give children a shared experience that encourages listening, dialogue, and inclusion. We also use this time to work in small groups, exploring materials and engaging questions and concepts.

Snack Time (10:40/2:50)

In small groups, children share healthy food and drink and engage in conversation with peers and teachers around subjects relevant to their lives. Sometimes we read a book together as we eat “family style” around a small table.

Music Time- Optional (11:00/3:05)

While children always have access to musical instruments and exploration, we use this time to nurture an excitement for music through games, stories, song, and movement.

Storytelling (11:25/3:20)

As we end each day, we come together as one group to engage the magic of stories.  During this time, we encourage the children using the art of storytelling. We highlight a “Book of the Week” in an effort to allow the children to get to know a story on a deeper level. Repetition allows children many occasions to observe and familiarize themselves with a story’s plot. It also invites the children to write their own versions of these stories.

Program Ends (11:45/3:30)

Families check in with teachers and help children transition from the program to the next part of their day.