Giving Through Hicklebee’s

When you purchase books at Hicklebee’s, simply tell the clerk that you want The Willows Nursery School to receive credit.

The Willows Nursery School has registered with Hicklebee’s for their Book Bonus Program and you can help us earn books for our school library by shopping at Hicklebee’s. Points are accumulated and $10 coupons toward the purchase of books will be issued to The Willows for each $200 spent by the friends of The Willows Nursery School.

Hicklebee’s is located in Willow Glen at:
1378 Lincoln Ave. San Jose, CA 95125
Phone: (408) 292-8880 Toll Free: (888) 898-0093

High quality educational programs require significant investment and The Willows Nursery School, though a for-profit organization, can benefit from support for the school that goes beyond that given through tuition payments. Gifts to The Willows Nursery School do not qualify as tax-deductible.
For more information or advice about gifts to schools that are for-profit, consult a certified public accountant (CPA) or read IRS Publication 17, available on the IRS Web site (