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We’re seeking a self-motivated teacher who wholeheartedly supports the education of young children in contexts that are child-centered, play-based and support emergent curriculum. Experience with or knowledge of the Reggio Approach helpful.

Preferred: Bachelor’s degree or higher related to Early Childhood Education or Human Development.
Minimum: 24 semester units related to Early Childhood Education or Human Development.

Our Teachers must advocate for high-quality educational experiences for young children; collaborate with a team in order to plan and prepare developmentally appropriate curriculum projects, materials and activities for a play-based program; participate in weekly team meetings; accept specific classroom roles and responsibilities assigned by the Director; be responsive to children’s individual needs and support an environment that will promote children’s emotional, social, intellectual, and physical growth; partner with parents, sharing information related to their child’s development, connecting them to resources, and helping them to interpret their child’s behavior through a lens consistent with the core values of the school. Essentially, our Teachers must:

  • BE CARING: using kindness and mindfulness, create a warm and inviting environment
  • BE CONSCIENTIOUS: as a guardian of the physical environment, materials, and the implementation of our philosophy of education, carefully attend to the aesthetics and structure of both the indoor and outdoor environments of the classroom
  • BE CURIOUS: have the habit of objective observation and utilize other processes for documentation, especially for making visible young children’s experiences
  • BE COLLABORATIVE: exercise good thinking and communication skills

As a Teacher, you will report to the Director and you are expected to: analyze and plan your own professional development; assist or conduct tours for prospective parents, visiting educators, and other visitors; provide a facilitative setting for observation and study in child development; help organize, prepare for, and participate in parent seminars and educator conferences hosted by the school, which may be scheduled for evening or weekend hours.

Our teachers work directly with children approximately 50% of each work day (Monday – Friday, 8am – 2pm). Therefore, in addition to teaching, we expect all staff to help organize, prepare for, and participate in parent conferences, parent seminars and educator workshops hosted by the school, which may be scheduled for evening or weekend hours.

Medical, dental, sick pay, vacation pay, retirement options and regular professional development (each contingent on employment probation period and plan or policy restrictions).

How To Apply
Submit your cover letter and resume via e-mail to contact@thewillowsnurseryschool.org
Note: Put your cover letter into the body of the email message and send the resume as a PDF attachment.

About The Willows Nursery School:
The Willows Nursery School is located in the charming Willow Glen area of San Jose, CA. By-design, it is a model school for the best practices in early childhood education, including the empowerment of educators and human development in general. Thus, all staff must have a strong understanding of the education of young children, and at all times model appropriate behavior for effectively guiding the educational experience of young children. The program at The Willows Nursery School offers young children part-time placements in small class groups that meet in the morning (8:30am – 11:45am) or afternoon (1:00pm – 4:15pm). We operate all year with an academic calendar and a summer session, which means that we are closed for specific breaks between each quarter of the year.