Our Core Values

We encourage all adults affiliated with the school to act and speak with intent that is aligned with some fundamental beliefs about people and education. Our hope is that these beliefs, when adopted, help us to respect and honor one another—knowing that we all have our own cycle of experience, making assumptions, drawing conclusions, and accepting beliefs.

Empowerment: We believe that every participant in the school (students, parents, and staff) has a right to empowering support for his or her human development, and this means that people need sufficient time, resources (like materials), and support to learn, to create, to connect.

Understandings: We believe that knowledge is constructed in the mind of each person, and thus, understandings are gained in very individualized ways. This means that people need an open framework for exploring ideas, testing hypotheses about these, and formulating deep and meaningful understandings.

Knowledge Sharing: We believe that we must encourage knowledge sharing amongst everyone because this increases the number of ways individuals can learn as well as enhances the potential level of connection that each person might attain with others.

These core values form the foundation for the principles that guide us, especially for decisions related to our curriculum and child-teacher interactions.