Our History

As of 2012, data from the U.S. Census Bureau and the California Department of Social Services shows that the top schools in the San Francisco Bay Area will serve less than 10% of the children between the ages of 2 to 5 in its region. Considering that projections for population growth are high, it is rather daunting to think that the early education options will continue to dwindle for parents who want to do all that they can to support their child’s growth and learning. Somehow, the hope that all children might access high quality care and education is a long way off from the true landscape of early childhood education. Clearly, there is a community need for our young citizens and their families.

The Willows Nursery School, founded in 2012, addresses the need for more high quality care and education for young children. In addition to meeting the demand for more high quality programs for young children, The Willows Nursery School is poised to be a model for understanding what it will take to develop truly better schools for all children. By design, we are an open organization of educators that collaborate within our school and across school borders with other educators locally, nationally and globally. Though we are starting small, we are thinking big. We are advocates for the development of high quality programs for all children, and as such, our staff are very active professionals in the field of education.